Inspiration and development is a videobased training platform. Subscripe to sportsbasics, and you are not only getting access to the 27 special exercise programs for physical education, and access to training concepts for 15 specific sports, but also access to more than 1,100 exercises as small video clips, where you can create and save your own training programs.

Level based training system

There are five levels of difficulty in most of the excercises: from A to E, where A is the easiest. 

This means you can easily find a level of physical challenge that suits your students .

Show all excercises on a big screen

Use the ready-made training programs. All programs are available as small video clips with accompanying instructions, and can be viewed on a large screen, PC, iPad, Tablet or Smartphone.

Can you do a handstand?

You do not have to. With the videoclips, you can show all the exercises to your students, which help you to teach and train students all the more than 1,100 fun and challenging exercises.

Save your favorite exercises

If there are excercises that you often use in your programs you can gather them under "My exercises". Then you will have easy access to them when you are going to make a new training program.

Physical Activity for Children and Youth in school

To help you to get the school moving, you will in find a wide range of exercises that can be used both in the classroom, in the gym, on the sports field, in the sports hall, in the school yard and outdoors. When choosing the exercises, you can filter them by body part, function and sport, as well as by degree of difficulty. All the exercises are accompanied by a short video film showing how the exercise is performed.

Get started with Sportsbasics 

A school subscription gives access for up to 12 teachers. Choose from the 80 ready-made exercise programs that have been specially developed for physical education or be inspired by the large video-based exercise library with more than 1,100 exercises.

For the individual teacher

1 user

  • As a teacher you have unlimited access to
  • Access for all your students
  • No entry fee
  • Automatic extension every year
  • Can be terminated one month before the extension day
  • EUR 5.20 per month

Access for up to 12 teachers

  • Up to 12 teachers have unlimited access to
  • Access for all your students
  • No entry fee
  • Can be terminated one month before the extension day.
  • EUR 400,- per year

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